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My name is D.J. Byrnes, and I am running to represent the 80th District of the Ohio House. I offer the boldest platform in the history of the district: Healthcare for all, guaranteed living wages and fighting rampant corporate corruption in Columbus.

Those in power brag about balancing the state budget on the backs of rural Ohio. Our local officials and first-responders operate on shoestring budgets. It’s time to return that money to our communities and invest in our futures.

While healthcare and housing costs skyrocket, the Statehouse thinks the solution is giving money to those who already have plenty and it will somehow trickle down to the rest of us. Well, we’re tired of waiting and ready for a new era of thinking.

Regressive tax policies of the last three decades have failed Miami County’s working families, which is why so many residents have sought opportunity elsewhere. We live in a county where a majority of families can’t afford a $500 emergency expense. Any Ohioan willing to work 40 hours a week deserves dignity in life. There is no freedom in a paycheck-to-paycheck existence.

Workers must organize. We need not the same tired politics but affordable housing. We need not deregulation of corporations and energy companies, but access to dentists and reliable rural broadband. We need living wages and guaranteed family and sick leave.

Ohio should operate for the many, not the few. I am not running as a perfect man with all the answers but because our state, now more than ever, needs politicians who understand and empathize with the everyday struggles of workers.

Browse my positions page for more on my convictions and vision on Ohio.

Together, we will win.

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DJ Byrnes Portrait

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