About Me

My name is D.J. Byrnes, and I am running for State Representative of the Ohio House 80th District, featuring Miami and Southern Darke Counties. My platform puts working families first by advocating workers' rights, universal healthcare, living wages and investment in public schools and infrastructure.

The state balanced its budget on the backs of rural Ohio in the wake of the Recession. Yet our local officials operate on shoestring budgets despite the economic recovery.

It’s time to return that money to our communities.

Regressive tax policies of the last three decades have failed working families in the 80th District, which is why so many young residents seek opportunity elsewhere while wages remain stagnant.

Ohio should operate for the many, not the few. You deserve a new class of politician—one not beholden to party bosses or special interests.

I am the only candidate in this race that hasn’t accepted unaccountable dark money, which means I answer directly to residents of the 80th District because only individuals and labor unions finance my campaign.

I ask for your vote because Miami and Southern Darke Counties deserve a fighter willing to roll his sleeves up and get the job done.

I have knocked on the doors of voters from Tipp City to New Madison, and I am proud to report we are not nearly divided as those in power would have you believe.

Together, we will invest in our futures, increase wages and get every Ohioan the healthcare they deserve.

Evolution of a Campaign

Oct 10, 2018

After three months of talking to voters of all stripes, I am proud to report Ohio is not as divided as Washington D.C. would make us believe.

UFCW Endorses D.J. Byrnes

Oct 9, 2018

The United Commercial Food Workers represents 1.2 million workers across North America.

A Journey to Leadership

Oct 9, 2018

A dark chapter in my life made me into the man I am today.

Glaziers Local 387 Endorses D.J. Byrnes

Oct 5, 2018

How a chance encounter at Mulligan's Pub in Piqua resulted in my campaign's newest endorsement.