My life began on Dec. 10, 1986 in Pasadena, California. Born of two Ohio State alumni, I’d like to think emigrating to the Buckeye State was my destiny.

My father, mother, little brother and I arrived in Marion, Ohio, in 1992 and never went back to Los Angeles. But my life wasn't a straight path to a candidacy to represent the Ohio House 80th District after graduating River Valley High School in 2005.

Busboy. Dishwasher. Short-order cook. Waiter. Gas station clerk. Carwash attendant. Pizza artist. Plasma donor. Sportswriter. These are just some of the jobs I’ve worked in life to pay bills.

Learning to walk in Pasadena with my dad.

Enjoying New Orleans’ most colorful characters with Whitney.

My path to Piqua started on a friend’s porch in Columbus during a random October night in 2011. I met the woman whose eventual speech therapy career would bring me to the Miami Valley in August 2016. What we thought would be a temporary stay has turned into something permanent.

I joined the Miami County Democrats in August 2017 and earned appointment as Secretary and precinct captain in May 2018. I also serve on the Piqua Parks Board after graduating the Piqua Government Academy in November 2017.

I got into this race when the original Democratic nominee stepped down in early July. As an avid follower of Ohio politics, I could no longer in good conscience stay on the sidelines while wealthy politicians rewarded their corporate cronies at the expense of working people.

I am not the perfect man with all the answers, but one that understands and empathizes with the struggles of working families. I am committed to taking my message to every corner of the district and look forward to finding common-sense solutions to everyday problems.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, eating at Waffle House and the company of our three rescue cats: Starcat, Stinky and Luna.

Celebrating my grandmother’s birthday with my mom and Starcat.

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