My Views On Issues

Protecting Working Families

I will always put workers and their families ahead of corporate profits and giveaways to the rich.

Healthcare for All

Medical debt is the No. 1 cause for bankruptcy in Ohio. Every Ohioan deserves the same healthcare plan as their state representative, which includes access to health, vision and dental care. I vow to protect Governor Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid and will fight the powerful private insurance lobby to drive down prices and increase competition.

Ending the 'Rural Ripoff'

Ohio currently sits on a $2.6 billion Rainy Day Fund. While the ruling class rewards corporations and wealthy donors that finance their campaigns, I seek to return that money to our local governments, schools, and infrastructure.


Ohio does wrong by its teachers. It starts with how we fund schools — ruled illegal by the state over 20 years ago – and continues all the way to $189 million lost to an unaccountable charter school like the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.

It’s wrong that low wages force teachers to spend thousands of dollars a year on classroom supplies. Ohio should guarantee a starting salary of $50,000 for every teacher to ensure the best and brightest will teach our children.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Nearly 5,000 Ohioans died of opioid use last year—a 20% increase on the year prior. I will work to ensure every healthcare plan covers treatment for addiction. I will fight to make sure those that need treatment do not end up in prison, and I will hold the pharmaceutical companies that unleashed this epidemic accountable.

Raising the Minimum Wage

An hourly minimum wage of $8.30 is a slap in the face to every worker in the state. That’s $1,328 after a month of working 40-hour weeks—before taxes. How do you live on that? The answer is you can’t.

Every full-time job should provide a worker with the ability to rent a one-bedroom apartment and save money. That’s how it used to be, before corporations and special interests commandeered our tax code.

Opponents falsely claim raising the minimum wage will increase the cost of living for the rest of us—as if that hasn’t already happened over the last 30 years. The minimum wage would be over $22 an hour if it had kept pace with inflation and worker productivity since 1968.

Paid Family and Sick Leave

The United States is the only industrialized country on the planet that does not guarantee paid family and medical leave. Far too many people in our district are forced to sacrifice savings or lose their jobs when they need time to care for themselves or their families. I will fight to give workers the right to choose care.

Infrastructure Overhaul

Stopping corporate welfare and investing that money in our schools, roads and bridges

Campaign Finance Reform

I am the only candidate in this race pledging to only accept money from individuals and labor unions. Corporate and unaccountable dark money have no place in our politics.

The 80th District deserves better than another empty suit willing to rubber stamp whatever corporate mandate crosses their desk. As your representative, Big Business shills won’t be welcome in my office.

Rural Broadband Internet Access

Earlier this month, the Ohio House didn’t work for a month due to a petty leadership argument. When it returned, it chose to pass HB 58, a bill encouraging schools to teach cursive writing instead of HB 378, a bill that would have taken $100 million of the state’s annual $75 billion budget and given broadband access to every rural Ohioan.

We live in a state where 1/3rd of rural residents don’t have access to broadband internet. That’s unacceptable in 2018. It’s anti-business, it’s anti-freedom, and it’s anti-family considering children regularly flock to McDonald’s to complete homework.

The Second Amendment: Gun Rights and Safety

As a gun owner, I don’t need cheesy photo-ops or catch-phrases to showcase my understanding of the the second amendment being the first line of defense against foreign powers and a tyrannical government.

Legalize Sports Betting

It’s time to move Ohio into the 21st century by taking billions dollars out of the hands of criminals and putting it to the benefit of the public. That money can be spent on healthcare, schools and roads.

Evolution of a Campaign

Oct 10, 2018

After three months of talking to voters of all stripes, I am proud to report Ohio is not as divided as Washington D.C. would make us believe.

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