Evolution of a Campaign

Oct 10, 2018

When I joined the race for the Ohio House 80th District, I was little more than a simple man with a dream. I knew I had a message, but I hadn't yet refined it in a way that would resonate with most people.

Like everything I wrote more than 30 minutes ago, I cringe when re-reading my declaration questionnaire. I lost some votes that day. Sadly, I didn't know better.

I immediately went to work contacting voters... but I also knew I would need to speak with community leaders because only a poor representative acts without speaking to boots on the ground.

I've talked with public health officials, mayors, county commissioners, and Chamber of Commerce directors. And I've come to realize we're not nearly as divided in Ohio as national politicians would have us believe. 

It's not about Republican vs. Democrat. It's about the Powerful vs. the People. Corporate tax giveaways don't do anything for businesses on Main Street.  Looting the local government fund hurt rural communities.

Voters want corporate cash out of their local elections and a fair tax code for middle and working-class families. These are easy things to accomplish with special interests out of the way.

When I got into this race, I did not know everything I did not know.  These last three months feel like three years in what I've learned. And still, I could talk to every voter and not know everything needed to successfully represent the 80th District.

Some politicians prefer to act like they have every other answer. Or at least are content to make others think they do. I readily admit I do not yet have those answers. But when it comes to this race, nobody can match my desire to learn and find solutions.

Together, we will do better than the status quo.