Glaziers Local 387 Endorses D.J. Byrnes

Oct 5, 2018

Another day, another endorsement from an area labor union!

A few weeks ago, my manager and I sat at Mulligan's Pub in Piqua, enjoying a hard-earned respite from a day of campaigning. A man approached our table after noticing my "D.J. Byrnes for Ohio House" shirt, and after being informed he was talking to the candidate himself, he asked for my position on organized labor.

"My campaign is all about organized labor," I said. 

The man turned out to be Jason Parr, an organizer for the Glaziers 387 Local Union in Cincinnati, which has several members from Miami and Darke Counties.  He invited me down to speak at their district meeting, and I went down there and gave my spiel on raising wages and expanding workers' rights.

I am honored to have this endorsement and will continue making the rounds to local labor unions to hopefully earn their support come November.