UFCW Endorses D.J. Byrnes

Oct 9, 2018

As my friends know—I only shop for groceries at Kroger. Admittedly, this #brand loyalty developed before I learned its stores were unionized. (Confession: I called it Kroger's for 15 of my first 20 years on Earth.) But it only deepened when I learned of its commitment to labor, which is why I will patronize the Kroger on the other side of town rather than the Wal-Mart around the corner.

The day I filed to run for state representative, I consulted my friend, Easton, who works as a clerk at Kroger. He referred me to the United Commercial Food Workers Local 75 Union in Dayton. The UFCW represents over 1.3 million workers in North America and has been a driving force in raising wages and expanding workplace safety worldwide.

Filling out its questionnaire, it became clear the UFCW and I were fighting on the same side.  I'm proud to say I earned the endorsement and a $250 donation to my campaign coffers.

Kroger shows how capital and labor can work hand-in-hand while honoring a collectively-bargained contract. I hope to embody that  as the next representative of the 80th Ohio House District.